Center of Transplant

Transplantology as a scientific and practical activity found its beginnings in Latvia in Stradina hospital. Currently, LTC is the only medical institution that is entitled to make decisions on procurement of donor organ, perform organ retrieval, carry out organ preservation, establish donor – recipient pair and perform transplantation. Several Doctors of science work there now and have their practice in this Center, as well - young doctors pursue their residency training in the speciality. In the Center - treatment and preparation of patients for the transplantation (Haemodialysis) is carried out along with the donor organ procurement and kidney transplantation (Balttransplant and Kidney Transplant unit) and post-transplant out-patient treatment (Ambulatory cabinet), and the necessary laboratory diagnostics (Laboratory). There are about 30 transplantations per million inhabitants carried out in Latvia as a result of Latvian Transplant Center activities and that exceeds the average numbers in the European Union. It should be noted – in a number of countries the waiting time for donor kidney is five to six years, whereas in Latvia – less than a year. This is not because of the high rates of road accidents in Latvia. Latvian legislation provides that the organ retrieval for transplantation may be done form live - volunteer donors or deceased donors, if they have not forbidden that during their life. The donor heart has to be replanted to the patient within following four hours after the donor’s death, while the kidney – within 24 hours. In other words, the successful organ transplantation requires not only excellent, professional surgeons but specific, precise work and coordination of well established rescue and medical service as well. Everyone involved in transplantation has to be ready to work and operate at any time of a day weather one is responsible for donor detection, or examination, or organ harvesting and preparation for transplantation. This work is well organised in the Latvian Transplant Center. About this Center foreigners say they want to be operated there and the operations are carried out.

All transplantation specialists are united in Latvian Transplantologist Association, which deals with specialist training and certification issues.
LTC serves as a base for regular scientific workshops and forums of different levels.

Pope John Paul II addressing the participants of the Transplant Congress:
..."The decision to offer for free a bodily part for the health and wellbeing of another person" here, the true nobility of gesture of genuine love is clearly marked. We are not giving away something that we own, we give a part of ourselves.