Preparation of a patient

  • Does everyone with renal failure have Kidney Transplantation?

    No. Each patient is carefully evaluated by the attending physician and specialists of the Transplant center, to decide whether a kidney transplant is the best method of treatment for this person.

    If you are unaware whether a kidney transplant is right for you, ask your physician or consult at the Latvian Transplantation Center.

  • How to get on the Transplant "waiting list"?

    Your attending nephrologist will perform the necessary examinations and tests and will refer you to the Latvian Transplantation Center specialists. "Waiting list" maintenance and introduction of new patients on the list is done 4x a year - every 3 months.

  • Why visit the specialists of Transplant Center?

    It is necessary to update assessment of your health condition and ensure that you continue to be a good candidate for the transplant, some additional tests may be needed.

  • What happens during your visit in the Transplant Center?

    • At the Transplant Center physician will inform and explain kidney transplant surgery issues, this is a good opportunity for you to ask questions concerning kidney transplantation. Your physician will assess the test results, evaluate your overall physical and mental state and readiness for the operation. If necessary, additional tests or examinations will be assigned, to assess your:
    • heart condition,
    • condition of your non-working kidneys,
    • stomach, intestinal and gall bladder condition,
    • bladder condition,
    • Health of teeth and gums,
    • Health of prostate (men)
    • breast and uterus health (women).

    • These additional tests may vary from patient to patient. The range of tests is indicated by the Transplant Center physician. The analyse material taken, for testing during the visit, helps to find the best matching donor organ for you.

    • Please feel free to bring along a friend or relative to your appointment, so you can discuss all unclear matters concerning kidney transplantation. You can submit these questions in writing.

  • What happens next?

    Your name will be placed on the “waiting list” and you will have to sign the document confirming your willingness to wait for the kidney transplantation.

    Your home address and phone number (or, preferably, the mobile phone number) will be registered, thus allowing inviting you to the surgery when there the appropriate donor kidney is available.

    Please remember!!! To place you on the transplant "waiting list" the possibility to reach you at any time of the day is mandatory!